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CYR MUSICに来る、よくある質問です。

  • What is the difference between Artist and Creator?
    Artist : Basically, singers/composers belong to our company as artists and can receive various support for their activities. Creator: CYR MUSIC Works/In-house requests will be carried out as a commissioned creator for our company.
  • I heard that the company is mostly underage, but I'm worried...
    We have executives and creators with solid knowledge and experience. Please feel free to make a request and enter.
  • What is your budget for live performances and product sales?
    It depends on the scale and request. Discuss with the staff of the event planning and execution section of our business operation department based on the performance venue, the scale of the stage production within the performance, and the consistency between the income and expenditure from ticket sales and the performance expenses (whether it will be held in the black). finalize the original budget of
  • Where can I eat sushi?
    I think it's a sushi restaurant!
  • Is it possible to be anyone?
    There are no age or gender restrictions. Our staff will review your application and contact you to determine whether or not your application is accepted.
  • I have no knowledge, but is it okay?
    Don't worry. Our staff will support you.
  • Are you financially burdened?
    We will not collect any money such as "Please deposit the fee by ○ month x day". However, we will deduct [advertising expenses and content production expenses] from the income related to artist activities.
  • What should I do when actually making an original work, what will happen
    First of all, feel free to talk to me, "I want to do this!!!" In our company, we will proceed with preparations for realization across departments.
  • What kind of specific support do you have for creating your work, and how long do you expect it to take?
    In order to establish a position in the industry (neighbourhood) in the genre of "singing" that covers ready-made songs by singing, "Are we able to achieve differentiation and originality?" will be important. We provide services to support it. E.g.) Providing original music videos, providing arranged instrumental sound sources, singing directions by composers, and providing mixing by engineers.
  • How often do you perform live in a month?
    It fluctuates depending on the scale and the rate of attracting customers. Performances at small live houses can be planned relatively easily and in a timely fashion, but as the size of the venue grows, there are time limits such as "reservation required at least X years before the date and time of use". takes. Example of the maximum possible number of one-man live performances Capacity 300 people or less: 3 times a year Capacity 500 or less: Twice a year More than that (including tour): once a year
  • Currently, I've only sung and posted, but what kind of treatment will I get as an artist group, will you be involved in the creation of the work?
    As a category within the artist, it will be grouped as "singer". When it comes to creative activities in singer activities, there are two main types: "Release of cover sound sources" and "Release of newly written original songs". In addition, it is also possible to produce and sell DVD/Blu-ray discs containing live concert images.
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